I fell asleep early but woke up at a stupid hour.

I fell asleep straight away but then woke up needing the toilet. I now have woken myself up too much. I’m quite sure the cat had a role in waking me up too. I can remember him jumping up on my bed nudging my face. The neighbours at also busy doing you know what above so the likelihood of me getting back to sleep at least for the next couple of hours are slim. That is what happens when you live in a flat. I’m sure it won’t be all night but they’re a lot younger and have a lot of energy. I just wanted one nights sleep but even without my insomnia other things ended up waking me up. I finally managed to let go of the constant fear that I had embarrassed myself while communicating with others recently. I still am a bit worried but not enough to let it keep me awake which has been the case for the last week. I need to be up tomorrow so hopefully everything goes quiet around here soon. I would go wash my hair while I’m awake until it’s quiet but it takes hours to dry and I can’t go bed with it wet. I woke up hungry which is also keeping me awake. I can’t eat though because my weight has pinged up and I can’t get it back down.

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