I feel so much better not going out for a walk.

I popped the shops earlier in the car so that I didn’t go out in the cold. Regular readers will know that my knee and finger has been kicking off quite a lot recently. I didn’t know if it was to do with being out walking in the cold air. It seems a lot better so maybe I need to stop walking at this time of year all together. I got my hair washed which I had put off for a few days. I had to wash it because putting rose oil on my scalp to repair roots issues was building up and feeling a little sticky. It works. I have much better darker roots growing back and not snapping. I’ve lost the odd bit but bleach does that sometimes. I had to step away from the bleach for a bit because it started going snappy and dry. It blends more since I put the purple rinse stuff over it. I shouldn’t have to use bleach on the roots for at least 3 months. It depends how badly the dark patches at the back start showing at at 148 quid the hairdresser won’t be filling in the roots. I used the young trainee because her prices weren’t too expensive. I went to the hairdresser who now owns the place for years. Then she started putting up her price list so when the trainee came along I took full advantage that she could give me a cheaper hair cut. She’s decided that she doesn’t want to do hair anymore so maybe it’s time to look for a new place. I have such an avoidant personality. I saw someone I knew (it didn’t help that I am still embarrassed over things I said via email recently)… they probably didn’t see me but I made a dash out of the supermarket after I paid for my alcohol (no one comes between me and alcohol). I haven’t heard from them via email since I embarrassed myself so they probably didn’t want to bump into me anyway. Likewise. I could feel my anxiety get high so I had to avoid. I know it makes me look really unfriendly but I had embarrassed myself too much recently.

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