I do feel ignored and overlooked…

I have been in bed the entire day because the above really does get me down. I’m fed up of feeling completely overlooked and ignored. It can be really annoying. It feels like people constantly give me excuses to brush me off as a person. I know that people are busy but it feels like others think that aspects of who I am makes me not worth knowing. That this equates the things I do. For example: The blog, nothing so they either don’t read it or just skim read it. This doesn’t make me want to wake up and join the world even when I’m not in pain. I don’t want to be entertainment because I’m trying to live my life offline not directly on the blog. I can be quite thick and stupid but at least they are honest mistakes. I have no malice in the way that I live my life. That hasn’t always been the case when I was younger. I’m not wanting the silence between me and the likes of A to last forever. I don’t want to be overlooked by anyone else either. I’m an introvert but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to ignore me because I’m quiet and don’t stand out. I try my best and really hate myself for not even having got dressed yet today.

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