Apologies, the blog hasn’t been checked properly for a long time.

I was checking over the blog earlier only to realise that there has been so many mistakes via autocorrect because I’ve used my phone to do most the work on here. I’ve edited many of the posts, categorised and put tags on posts, also making the font larger. I have been quite distracted for a while and no one has bothered to mention that things haven’t read right etc. I haven’t been through every single post yet (that’s going to take a while because this blog was started in 2017). I’m working through them. I have done a whole load of recent entries tonight. I’m sorry things have been all over the place. I didn’t know the blog was looking so unprofessional. I have to sort that out if I want others to take me seriously. I have found out how to set all future entries up in a certain way on my phone. This will prevent it becoming disorganised and messy in the future. I type quite quickly when I’m out walking etc which is when autocorrect seems to occasionally have a mind of its own. I wish someone would have hinted to me that the blog was in need of sorting out. I’m always flitting from one thing to another. It’s nearly 2 am and I have not long got in tonight. I need to be up tomorrow. I am taking one of those CBD things before bed so probably will not be doing much more editing tonight if that knocks me out.

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