Day: November 29, 2022

  • Random question: CBD side effects.

    I’m aware that I react to things rather randomly and not at all like the average person. I have just started to take these CBD things over the last few days. I know that they don’t suit everyone but has anyone else felt aggressive on them? I’ve felt quite agitated at times but then really […]

  • Maybe I am actually lucky.

    I could actually be lucky despite what I’ve been through. I have literally pulled stuff off that others haven’t managed to do. I got out of prison quicker than most and actually got that taken off my record so I looked less bad due to being released on appeal. I met the right probation officer […]

  • I do feel ignored and overlooked…

    I have been in bed the entire day because the above really does get me down. I’m fed up of feeling completely overlooked and ignored. It can be really annoying. It feels like people constantly give me excuses to brush me off as a person. I know that people are busy but it feels like […]

  • What is even the point?

    I barely slept because of everything hurting by early this morning. I still can’t use my hand without it being swollen and hurting. I woke up feeling sick because I’m that tired from lack of sleep. I just hate all of this and can’t do anything because moving around even hurts today. I’m fed up. […]

  • This is all true.

    I saw something online which really hit home earlier. There was someone saying how there was actually no support out there after multiple times of trying to end their own life. I don’t even try to get support now. I have come to learn that everyone and everything around me will let me down. I […]