Results from x -ray still not back.

It has been a week now and my x ray results aren’t back yet. I assume that means the same thing hasn’t happened in my finger as it did my foot otherwise it would have been back in a few days like it was when I had one on my foot. That doesn’t stop my finger really starting to get in the way of stuff. I can’t do things because it swells up and starts hurting. The state of my flat has got really bad. I try to do bits but it ends up not enough. I can’t move in there because I just have too much stuff. I don’t even need it but I am too overwhelmed when it comes to chucking it all out. Some things are too good to just chuck it all away. I’m too tired to sort through everything at the moment. I had a weight spike today which means I cannot eat until later. I don’t have to cook tonight which is one thing less to do. If I don’t wait to eat until later then I won’t get it back down and it’s going to undo some of the progress I’ve already made. I hate dieting which is in really grumpy at the moment. It’s all about numbers in and out. I cannot chill out much when it comes to the whole process. I don’t like the little narcissist digs either. I am not a narcissist. If I was then I would think nothing of ruining everyone else’s lives to get the stuff I want. I am not like that. I would also look a lot prettier than I currently do. Those comments upset me when I have grown up around real narcissists and got screwed over by them because as a younger person I was too naive. I wouldn’t be in the position that I am today if I hadn’t met some of those types. I’m suffering right now and unless any of you want to get snapped at… please just don’t say those things ok.

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