Day: November 28, 2022

  • Results from x -ray still not back.

    It has been a week now and my x ray results aren’t back yet. I assume that means the same thing hasn’t happened in my finger as it did my foot otherwise it would have been back in a few days like it was when I had one on my foot. That doesn’t stop my […]

  • Awake at a stupid hour but I did sleep.

    I actually got to sleep quite quickly last night but woke up really early about 7 am. I feel like I’ve had sleep but I’m going to try sleep a few more hours because I’m still tired. I woke up with my knee and finger aching. The cold weather probably isn’t helping those issues. I […]

  • Sleep pattern may be ruined again.

    I did go to bed early enough to reset my sleep pattern this time. However, now I’m being woken up by itchy skin. It happens sometimes but now I may be awake the entire night again. It can get so annoying. I don’t know why it does it but I presume it’s my allergies. Random […]