Sometimes it’s a bad idea to look at a whole task before starting it.

I’m resting a lot today but when I do get up I’m planning to sort out all my clothes. I started it but didn’t get far because I ended up overwhelmed. It’s hard not to do so when you look in the drawers and wardrobe to discover how much in total I have to get through. I have already bagged up a large amount and put them in the bottom of the wardrobe. I don’t know why I kept them because they’re probably all size 8 stuff which is never going to fit me again now that I’ve got wider with age (weight loss won’t get rid of that). I don’t know why I didn’t get rid of those things. As a whole the task is looking much bigger than I initially thought it would be.

I really shouldn’t drink anymore. I feel so ill from only having a little bit of not very strong alcohol last night. I had stomach ache and felt sick half of the night. I woke up feeling crap too. I just don’t enjoy it anymore. The after effects make it even more unenjoyable. I finally got my handbag (the imitation branded one) after it took weeks processing after getting stuck on the mainland border in China at their customs. Apparently, there are local covid lockdowns happening in China which also could have delayed it. The other bag came quite quickly, and they were both ordered at the same time. Also, I know I get moody, but I get fed up with people overlooking my blog just because it’s not the same format as many others. I feel completely dismissed a lot. I know that it would be easier for readers if things were categorised but the topics are too random to really put them under specific headings. I tried but never finished that part of sorting it. I work hard despite the fact that it may not look that way sometimes.

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