None of you will ever really know me.

There is one thing that I can promise everyone due to my past. You will never truly know the real me. That isn’t a bad thing because it’s not like I’m hiding that I’m an awful person. I’m also not going to claim to be a nice person because there are reasons as to why I can’t be nice. The being nice and accommodating thing is people pleasing and they gets you used as I’ve discovered in the past. I don’t mind being the type of person who gets known as not completely nice because at least I’m honest about who I am. I’m slimming down to the tiniest of proportions because I know that in this modern social media instagram era bloggers have to be seen and unfortunately that whole skinny 90s trend is back. I have to follow that if the blog is going to pick up views etc. I’m hoping that I get to that skinny version of myself by summer 2023. I also know that I do have to branch out a bit because that is the media industry. I will consider paid promotions etc. I never wanted to sell anything on here, but I have to reconsider if I want to make the blog seen.

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