Ffs! Seriously?

Firstly, Airwick essential oil diffusers (every single one that I have ever purchased) seem to burst its batteries eventually. I tried to salvage the last one. I just cleaned the acid out of the contacts with warm lemon juice, but I don’t think it’s going to work because the contacts have been corroding for a while. I don’t like cleaning them because battery acid burns your skin if it gets on it. I wore gloves to clean it. Then I tried to relist my old iPhone, but eBay won’t let me this month because I’ve reached my seller limits (despite the fact that my sale never went ahead it still includes that). Now I have to wait to put it back up in next month’s selling allowance. I did attempt to contact the buyer, twice, once with the invoice and a message to ask for confirmation. I didn’t receive anything back. I waited until the deadline, so I gave them plenty of time to reply which showed they were a time waster.

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