I messed up my sleep pattern after just a day.

I managed to reset my sleep pattern but then messed it up again. I was sorting my clothes out until the early hours of this morning. It didn’t take me long to get to sleep when I did get to bed though. I actually managed to sleep just over 8 hours the day before when I reset it. I don’t normally sleep that long. I’m not consistent which has left me feeling awful today. I have sore eyes. The cats are still snoozing next to me. I got woken up by the post. I might have a few more hours sleep. I straightened my hair last night. It’s started doing the whole snapping at the root’s thing around the edge of my hairline. This is always what happens when my hair has been bleached for a while. I can repair it but it’s going to take time for those bits to grow back. The fact that it’s knotting up a lot shows it needs some care on ends too. I must have hair that just dies when bleached. It’s fine for a while but then bits start snapping etc. I eat all healthy stuff so my hair shouldn’t be like that. I have skipped hair masks a bit recently, but I never thought it would make much of a difference. Anyway, I need to sleep for a while because I have a migraine coming on and I don’t want it turning into a full blown one like I had last weekend.

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