Cold, wet and just want to get home.

I’m still out but sat in my car with the heater fans on drying off after getting absolutely soaked on my way back to the car. The water literally went right through my coat and onto my clothes underneath. The coat is waterproof to a point but when it tips it down it doesn’t work as well. The fact that its river island annoys me that it has done that. That brand is expensive so should be better quality. I have washed it a few times, but it shouldn’t lose its waterproofness even if it gets thinner. It is a lot thinner than it was when I bought it last year. It should last longer than that being a branded item. Anyway, I’m becoming less of a grumpy drowned rat as I dry off. I need to get my top drier because I end up feeling cold when I get out of the car. There is no point putting my coat back on because that is soaked through. I will have to dry that on the clothes horse next to the radiator overnight. That will cost money but never mind everything is getting expensive. I have wet feet, but they aren’t so easy to dry off while I’m out. I think even my bra is wet… I don’t have wet legs so one part of me didn’t get affected. I kept most of my hair dry with my hood apart from the bit on the top at the very front (you don’t want to see that because the frizz just takes over and my hair goes outwards like a wild bush). I am about dry now so I’m going to carry on with my day.

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