Still awake… slept for just one hour.

It’s technically morning at this point. The rain is hammering down again, and I’ve only slept for one hour. If anyone wants a proper blog entry to read scroll down and click on the mental illness becoming a trend one that I posted earlier this evening. The others aren’t that well written because I wrote them while being unable to sleep. I don’t know why I’m so unsettled right now. It’s really irritating because I was tired enough to have a proper night sleep. Nope, woke up after an hour and it’s not like I can even sleep in today. I have to deal with my mother on very little sleep which is difficult. I can’t avoid her coming over here because I need to move the mattress (small double so the sizing is a lot for one person to move) out of my spare room to where the council are picking it up tomorrow at 7am so it has to be out today. I can get it out there myself (still got muscles from my time going the gym) but due to my finger injury I can’t just do it on my own. The last time I took it from my bedroom to the spare room I accidentally pulled on my bad finger, and it swelled up quite big. I would do it myself but can’t afford to injure my finger more than it already is. I’ve got other things that I need to do which won’t get done if I make my finger worse. Half of me is thinking … f it just yank it out there after it’s stopped raining on my own so I can sleep until the afternoon. Then I avoid a load of excess stress that my mother naturally causes without realising it. I feel like I’m doing everything and at least when I have my own environment to myself it’s somewhere I can get away from the constant to do list. I am getting more and more tempted to move it on my own so I can get some sleep today.

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