I fell asleep but now I’ve woken up again.

It’s that sleep / wake thing going on again. I fell asleep with the cat who moved because apparently, she didn’t like me holding her paw. Maybe she woke me up moving. It’s dead online tonight… as it should be in the UK because it’s nighttime. I shouldn’t be awake but for some reason I am again. I have to be up tomorrow so I can’t catch up with sleep during the day. I’m feeling so lost tonight. I was really tired, so I quickly went around sorting stuff out before going to bed just after 1 am (that is quite early for me). I only had about 600 calories the whole of yesterday and didn’t eat until really late after coming home from a long ish walk. The fact that I burnt off about 800 calories doesn’t really balance out but I don’t feel like eating much at the moment.

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