Stubborn not crazy…

I’ve just got back home at a stupid hour but still in the bath because I was so cold when I got in. I get very cold over at mums because she doesn’t put much heat on due to rising energy costs and even before that she is of the generation who grew up without central heating so doesn’t feel the cold so much. I get anemic from time to time (haven’t had a test in months since I was told I was no longer low the last time after they put me on iron tablets for a while) so that may be why I’m getting cold as well as it’s also getting colder in regard to the UK weather. Anyway, please believe me I’m not crazy. I’m stubborn for a reason. I won’t take no crap from anyone now after the things I went through. I have had my life stopped from the very beginning at every turn because of being in the system. I wanted to be a doctor as a teenager but the system sectioned me so that was out of the running. I also had large gaps in my education because school kicked me out a lot. I don’t want to go into politics etc. but there is also an archaic law stating that no one who has previously been sectioned can sit in the House of Commons. I’m not quite sure if it affects them being able to be elected either. Most of them have criminal records and are extremely dodgy characters so that doesn’t seem to stop them. I may not have a lot left because of what the system did but I’m sure as hell going to fight back. I have to have that stubborn streak to survive and get over things it’s put me through. I have quite unorthodox viewpoints sometimes, but I’ve not lived the same life as other people. There is always a way to do something. I’m not afraid of fighting others with strong characters because mine is strong too. I may seem quite quiet, but I think a lot and my head is like a filing cabinet when it comes to be able to remember things from many years ago (including childhood). That is basically what you get when you’re born on the Libra – Scorpio cusp horoscope dates. I can unleash the sting of the Scorpio part as required. There would be no indication of that most of the time. I like to use it when I need it. Obviously, what I wanted was never meant to be for whatever reason. I’m sure as hell not going to allow anyone to look down on me from the groups I may have hung around in. Those that work in certain environments couldn’t have been able to stand one day living there 24/7. I did that as a youngster. So yes, I look after what is mine since having so many opportunities stolen from me through circumstances. I’m sorry if some think that means I have an attitude but f you because you haven’t been through the constant fight that I have had to do in order to have some of a normal life. I’m still fighting for the rest of it back. I’m prepared to shake things up as much as possible. I won’t get back what my life should have been but I’m as sure as hell not settling for how it is now forever! Even if it gets a little better and that is as far as I can ever get then it’s something. That can’t happen unless you develop an attitude or stubbornness … whatever you would like to call it.

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