I get sleep when I can… awake now.

I fell asleep this morning until midafternoon. I woke up to my cats messing about with the litter tray after using it. They kicked mess all over the side and left a horrible smell which wafted through the flat. Mister keeps peeing around everywhere and slowly getting all the symptoms of what was wrong with him back. I take him to the PDSA so it is a huge trek and we have already had 2 wasted journeys. The last time we were there for hours because one of their vets is slow. I have been trying to get others to consider my autism by trying to tell them that I cannot make appointments on the phone. The plumber still hasn’t been to unclog the waste pipe in bath because he keeps ringing me. I texted back explaining but people just don’t listen. It’s hard to do anything when you aren’t sleeping at night. Most of the day has gone when I wake up.

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