Something weird happened. I got to my mothers and discovered a random letter that went to my mum’s house. I recognise the company name. Dad used to run a business fixing things like fax machines, photocopiers etc. The company that sent something to my name used to be a place that Dad got stuff from. They didn’t ever have my name etc. I was only school aged when he was running his business. There have been discussions about getting new ink cartridges for my printer at home. Mothers’ laptop is about to expire early next year. I don’t know if it will work after that because the windows operating system is supposed to no longer work. Out of the blue I got sent this booklet and various leaflets. Buy a few branded ink cartridges from this company and get a free inkjet/laser printer. Then a booklet full of various technical products including cheaper than average laptops. These may not have VAT added to them but even if it is without that part the prices are a lot better than what is available in the shops. The timing is just really weird after various conversions that have been had recently. This was sent to mums address not mine. This was my previous address though when I was young and when I’ve temporarily popped back in between. I’ve never had anything from this company myself. They used to send things to Dad. I don’t know if this Dad intervening in guiding mum to actually buying a new laptop or him popping up to send me reminders that I’m not as alone as I feel sometimes, well all the time at the moment.

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