This is quite random… I just saw a video on this topic.

I was just scrolling through TikTok before falling asleep watching videos about random stuff. I came across one talking about whether souls from miscarriages come back again if someone has another child. I was the third attempt after two miscarriages. I’m quite indecisive and knowing me if I was the same soul from the previous two miscarriages, I would take one look at what I was going to be born into and say no way. I obviously must have decided to go for it eventually or I wouldn’t have been born on the third attempt. I probably wouldn’t be here if one of the other attempts hadn’t ended in miscarriage. In a way though I wish it had worked out differently. I was dad’s only biological child. If the first or second attempts had worked out, then he could have had more time with that child. It would have only been a few more years but he only got to see me reach my early 20s. If it had been one of the others, they would’ve been mid 20s when he passed. I did miss dad after he had gone but he still appeared in my dreams regularly for the first five years after he passed away. I haven’t had a dream visit for a while. His death was quite sudden after a long illness so it may have taken him a while to come to terms with it and move on. He knew I could do certain things that some would call being psychic. He had some of those abilities himself. The week he passed away he apparently woke up and announced that he was dying. Mother apparently told him not to be silly etc. but at the end of that week he got up early (that was his usual routine) sat down in the chair and had passed away by the time mum got up. He looked like he had fallen asleep, so it was probably peaceful. I wasn’t living at home then (I was in the care home for autistic people down south) but I spoke to him the day before on the phone. He sounded much better than he normally did, that is sometimes what happens though when someone has a long-term illness. They perk up like they’re getting better but it’s only temporary before they pass away. He had COPD. He had to use oxygen toward the end of his life. In a way it was probably better he did go like that because the end stages of that condition when it’s progressed to the worse stage is basically like drowning because the lungs fill up with water. In the end it wasn’t his actual condition that caused his death. It was heart failure. At least if he was asleep, he was unaware and there was no pain. I’m always going off on a tangent… one story leads into another etc.

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