The annoying parts of growing hair…

I’m still waiting for my hair to not be damp before I go to bed. I may as well express how annoying this process is sometimes. I have detangled my hair a few times with the comb in the last few hours. It seems to tangle itself together as it dries because of how thick it is naturally. I have a lot of hair and the thickness of the strands are quite coarse. I am trying to grow it but it’s hard to do. It can get too dry and break if I don’t keep use oil and leave in conditioner in. I even used detangling conditioner and it’s still tangly drying. It helps get the comb through it to get out the knots. If I didn’t use that product, I couldn’t get the knots out at all. I’m sure those that don’t have such thick hair don’t have the above problems. It does make it worse when I lighten my hair and now that my roots have come back through, they look really dark. I’m trying not to dye it so much but when I put the colour through the ends soon after it comes out completely it should blend the roots a little. I don’t want dark hair so I will bleach it again but probably not for at least 3 to 6 months. I will have dark roots but it’s easier to grow it without using bleach so often. Using the other colours on top of the bleached part means that the roots won’t stand out so much anyway. I really don’t want to do the thing where I get so fed up of the maintenance of long hair that I have it cut shorter. I had it cut to my shoulders when I had my son because long hair and children don’t go together, it either gets pulled or coated in various messes. I literally find strands of hair everywhere. If I am eating something without my hair tied up it gets it my mouth. I nearly always tie it back when I go out because it gets caught on stuff. Even if I don’t tie it all back, I at least tie the front bit up so it’s out of my face. I think it’s just about dry now so hopefully I can go to bed.

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