Rain dodging so had to chose between sleep and getting up.

I only got to sleep about 8 am and was up but half 11. I couldn’t sleep in because the rain would have come in by that point and the local shops shut quite early. I feel very tired but if I stay awake until about 10, I can reset my sleep pattern. The joint issues are a lot worse when I haven’t had much sleep. I have had to put my knee brace on today because it is quite sore. I’m not walking far but if I don’t get out today, I won’t get out tomorrow because it is due to rain all day again. I have to go out tomorrow because I have the x ray on my finger in the afternoon. That is really hurting today too. The rain is supposed to be coming in at 2pm (although at this time of the year it could be not accurate) so I have enough time not to rush. I can’t go at my normal speed because it’s hard enough being awake at this point of the day when I have only had three hours sleep.

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