I’m still awake but feel better.

I finally got rid of that migraine. I’m still awake but can’t go to bed yet because I’m waiting for my hair to dry watching two pints of larger and a packet of crisps which they are currently rerunning on bbc three. I feel old and miss the 90s now. I wasn’t that old then, but I still remember that decade. For some reason mister (cat) has decided to come to paw my lap. He has now sat down on my lap. He seems to like watching this program. The 90s may come back around. The whole super skinny thing has come back around. That is annoying for those of us that are naturally curvy. I’ve lost four and a bit stone in a year and barely have any body fat left to lose but still even my frame is curvy, I can feel my bone structure around my hips, and it goes outwards. It isn’t too bad when I’m about 8 stone because I have no excess fat to make that frame larger. I’m just under 11 stone at the moment and that is where I carry all the excess fat. I had to suspend my participation in the 137 step ups challenge for the action aid charity because I don’t want to start my migraine off again and my knee is sore tonight.

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