You probably shouldn’t but I do. It takes years of practice to make it work.

I would never disclose my autism if I was going for an official job which was actually paid but with the blog I’m open (kind of hard to keep that on the low with the blog being public). I mentioned my ‘rich’ aunt in the previous post who works in HR… she would say that you shouldn’t disclose that you’re on the spectrum because unofficial discrimination happens. I luckily have never had to work due to disability benefits, but I probably wouldn’t be open if I went for a paid job. I’ve used it to my advantage on here to really portray my character and try to be unique. I use the fact that I still have the ability to think like a child. I use that to say things that might be very near boundaries but instead people let me get very to those due to me using aspects of my disability. I still feel like a child walking around in an adult shell, although now with age and after getting burnt by being too naïve I’ve adapted to be within an adult world. I did say that I want to look like a walking fantasy figure, but I haven’t kept up with the whole image putting colours in my hair etc. but I do refresh it ever so often. So, it is entirely up to everyone individually if they want to be open with their diagnosis but after years of it not working for me, I’ve finally created a way for it to work doing my own thing with the blog etc. It can be a lot different in official working environments.

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