So these came out when I pulled cards asking about the next six months of my life…

Present, hopes & fears, obstacles and outcome six month prediction tarot spread….

I decided to ask the tarot cards to give me a prediction about my life for the next six months. The above is what came out. I don’t want to bore people with the minor details, but it looks like what I’m trying to do will pay off. The justice card is a major arcana card. Those ones don’t normally change. They are destiny cards so maybe I’m finally meant to get justice and it looks like it’s going to be a quicker process than I had anticipated. The obstacles card is also a major arcana card. The knight of cups reversed is one of my personal downfalls which I have to keep under control. It is kind of reading how I’m up and down at the moment. The hopes and fears card – three of swords is a minor arcana card. That makes sense as the three of swords represents fearing going through more emotional pain trying to get things sorted. The five of swords which is the present card, also a minor arcana card, represents exactly what is happening at this point. But it looks like it goes my way in the end.

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