Sleep didn’t happen again… I don’t know what I want and I’m very tired.

I have had a restless night. I’ve moved around so much that my duvet cover is all screwed up. I have a cat curled up next to me within that duvet mess. I’m passed the point of being tired. Physically and mentally, I’m feeling burnt out. I don’t sleep properly so don’t really get any rest to even slightly recover. I went for a walk yesterday, but it was not as long as normal. I don’t even know what I want anymore. I’m too tired to care about anything at the moment. I seriously need to tidy up my flat and my hair needs washing. I’m too tired to do any of that. Walking doesn’t involve really doing anything. I don’t have to be able to function to walk. I do have to be able to function to do stuff at home and wash my hair. That is something I can’t do much at the moment. It’s not the whole dieting stuff. I eat enough and only go down on the scale slowly. Yesterday I was 70.7 kg. I go down a few points every few days which isn’t too much. Even that isn’t consistent. It sometimes pings back up before going back down again. I’m just burnt out because I worked hard to come off antidepressants and that process is difficult. The whole trying to get my brain to function normally without them was a challenge. I managed it but I got tired. I now can’t function because I got burnt out. Once I am able to sleep again and actually get some rest then I will be fine again. That isn’t happening at the moment.

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