I need to say this after reading many comments online about the premier inns being shut to the public.

I am still not well but I really need to say this after seeing lots of comments being said regarding the premier inns being shut around the country to accommodate asylum seekers. People have been saying they’re all single men etc. I can’t comment on their circumstances, but I have something important to say surrounding people saying they shouldn’t be coming here etc. I kind of agree that we shouldn’t be taking more people in from elsewhere because our system in this country is already struggling to cope with the increasing population. However, I also see the other side. These people come from horrendous conditions in their own country. There is quite brutal stuff happening over in the places that these people are escaping from. The people traffickers are the type to slit the throat of anyone who either doesn’t pay them or just steps out of line in any other way. Those nasty individuals / groups are taking advantage of already traumatised people who will do anything to escape their situation. They won’t even spare children when it comes to disposing of people. We should also be putting our own homeless up in these places but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I’ve seen people on the streets in the town local to where I live. I saw a tent in the park the other day when I cut across there. I grew up here and there was literally not that amount of homeless people on the streets unless you went to cities nearby. I have been through a lot but when I look at what has happened to others, I’m thankful for what I have. I got told by people who worked in the whole human rights thing that if I wanted to be successful fighting injustice (it’s something I genuinely really cannot stand) then I had to develop a thick skin and toughen up. That was hard to do but I managed to do it. I now no longer see my experiences as that bad on the scale of things. Our country can be horrendously cruel to people with disabilities, but it could be so much worse. The things I went through myself did hurt me and probably always will to some degree, but others have it worse. It is quite bad out there in general right now. It’s probably going to crumble completely at the rate things are going but I can’t change that even though I would really like to be able to do so.

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