Trying to regain my freedom, rich aunts with connections and touching on generational curses.

I’m just going to let what I have to say flow tonight. There isn’t really a set topic. I am going to cover a few little things. They will be small paragraphs because I’ve just got back from walking and I’m absolutely starving due to not eating today yet.

I heard back from the 117-section aftercare thing from the person I have pushing the issue from the MP’s office. It seems to be waiting on the other team which will have the joint decision with adult services. I had several avenues chasing it at once. One was my complaint and the other was the MP’s team because I know what the local authority, and system is like in general, is like when it comes to ignoring things. They keep on saying things about eligibility for services, but we all know the other side to those legalities. I may not have finished the entire law degree, but I learnt enough. This thing does not allow anyone under it to be free. As soon as they try to do anything in life (for example: when I had my son) and the referrals for ‘help’ start being put into the system. That never is help. Most of the parents who have been in care after being sectioned via the court system lose their children (or at least their first one because they are too naive to know how to be a parent and that the system is not going to be coming from a help perspective only a risk assessment which normally ends up completely bias against new parents because we didn’t know how to be what was expected). I’m not saying it happens to everyone but the notes I uncovered within this process completely described a stranger… not me. Although I do not want to let them get away with making out I was ten times worse than I was to get me sectioned via a court order, if I’m finally taken off of this clause so that I am finally free then I will waiver the legal issues I could potentially throw at them for writing that stuff. The only thing that I must insist on is that historical stuff that isn’t correct is amended because that is the only way I can possibly move on with my life otherwise I am stuck. I don’t want trouble. I just want my freedom after 15 ish years.

In relation to the above. Despite the fact that I haven’t seen that Mexico IP address from a person bouncing it on my stats in the last few days… I’m still going to put this out there. If this person even thinks about doing all that malicious reporting again which they did with my son’s situation while the authorities were involved, I will playing a tactical game of my own. We both know that you got a mate to do all the TMAs for your law degree you got via the open uni. I happen to have an aunt who has involvement with them in the HR department who could conveniently hand that to the right department which would result in the qualification (degree) being taken away if certain tests weren’t satisfied. You technically did cheat and not earn the full degree yourself. I’m not a b*tch. I do not want to do it but if I have to in retaliation to being victim of malicious reports again then I will do it. I’m not that naïve kid that you picked on years ago. I learnt to survive after everything that happened.

In relation to the above also, my aunt is rather well off. She has a massive house near London at the end of a lane next to the woods/common and in Spain (she may have more now but that is last time I checked). The only people that have ever seemed to make it anywhere in life in our family are the ones that have gone off on their own and done things. That aunt earned all that she has now and started doing open uni alongside working. That is why I kind of believe the generational curse thing. The only ones that ever were successful got away from the energy of immediate family. I felt a lot lighter energetically when I was living down south than back home where I grew up. I know that I’m stuck here unless some miracle occurs (which let’s face it the chances of that are slim to none).

Anyway, I’m very hungry and can no longer think in a sentence let alone write in one so I’m off to get food.

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