I need to stop falling asleep.

I was so lucky that I woke up in time otherwise I wouldn’t have had time to ring to book the x ray on my finger. I was woken up by my cat complaining that his bowl was empty about half 3 this afternoon. I woke up at dinner time but was still tired so dropped off after answering a few emails. When that tiredness thing hits me, I’m deeply asleep. I would have slept longer if time hadn’t been an issue, but I woke myself up quicker once I realised what I’d done because I knew I had to make a phone call. I have been for a walk (well on one) and not eaten yet which I said I was going to quit doing. I’m unhappy. At least if I’m skinny soon that’s one thing that will cheer me up. I know it’s not a lot but it’s more than I have at this point. Anyway, managed to get my x ray booked for Monday afternoon when I did get through to the hospital.

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