I am awake but it’s cold, dark and wet.

I slept a lot today due to having a migraine. It’s still raining after I’ve been asleep for hours. I have to get up soon because I have that appointment in the next town to see if I can get a referral for my finger to be x rayed. I also still have stuff around the flat I have to do which I didn’t finish yesterday. I can only do a certain amount of stuff in one go with my finger in this state. It swells up massive if I use it too much. It was nearly dark, cold and wet when I got up, so I don’t particularly want to go out the door today. I need to find something to wear because I put my other clothes in the washing machine last night. I couldn’t wear them any longer there is only so much you can spray away the stale smells that build up. The cats keep making a mess of the one litter tray they like to use. They have three but they have a favourite. That one constantly gets messed up. I also need to get up soon because they are fighting each other which probably means they have no food in their bowl. I do leave dry food in there but if they eat it while I’m asleep they nag me when I wake up. Mister is bored. He’s being a pain in the ass. He first starts fighting with Mimi (well, it’s more play fighting but she didn’t want to do that, so she growled at him). Then he got vocal and starts scratching stuff all around the place. It’s a nightmare when they can’t go outside due to the weather.

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