Rested most of the day.

I finally slept for a while. I have to get up because I have stuff to do. The cat next to me is looking at me because she knows I’m awake. She doesn’t care if her human is tired. She will be asking for food as soon as I get out of bed. I can hear the other one strolling about, but he’s gone to eat what I left in the bowl. The air is absolutely freezing in my flat. I need to turn on the heating which with the cost of it is one of those things I’m limiting at the moment. It’s just too cold in here not to turn it on for a while. I’ve got to clean the flat (hate that) and the cats decided to fill the litter tray last night so that has to be changed now. I have to go out for a while too so I’m going to not be stopping for a break until later. I’m tired just thinking about what I have to do.

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