I’m back to normal now.

I have bounced back again now. I’m walking again because it’s easier to ditch the car and go to places I need to go. I’m no longer in pain at all but I’m not going as far today. I went into the town to do stuff first because later from about 7 pm it’s going to start raining. I’m wearing the same clothes for three days now because I was busy and using the washing machine less means saving money. I don’t smell. I have sprayed myself a lot to make sure of that. I should have checked the date when I made my appointment to try to get my finger x rayed. I happened to have the local radio station on, apparently the Christmas light switch on is happening tomorrow night and the fair closes the town centre literally near where I have to go. The weather forecast is saying it’s going to be raining heavily tomorrow so anyone who is going to that is probably going to get soaked. It might be better by the evening but on the thing, it’s got rain the entire day. Anyway, it’s always packed in every car park around the area those nights so I will probably have to park outside and walk in. I didn’t know. I even checked a few weeks before making the appointment but didn’t remember the date because I was busy and had other things on my mind. Why is it I feel that A has plans to reconnect with me? It’s annoying. I’m not in the mood for games. If she wants to fix things, then stop thinking about it and just do it. There is never a right time etc… anyway if she returned to my life I could go back and finish my open uni law degree (I have a certain time limit where I can go back to do the level 2 and 3 modules toward the full credits of the full law degree). I can’t do it without that extra support, and she is like a law tutor or at least was if she isn’t doing that any longer. If me doing the whole degree is meant to be I manifest her back into my life. There will be ground rules in regard to certain things because I’m not as naive as when I met her the first time around. We need them anyway because otherwise we will just get in each other’s nerves and end up fighting each other again.

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