I think I’m broken…

I did the longest walk I have done so far ever today (32,000 ish steps). I had a bath, some food, a cup of tea and went to bed. I’m in a lot of pain. I literally feel broken. I will definitely fall asleep soon after that. I can feel myself nodding off now. I will probably have a sore knee tomorrow… but hopefully it goes down after a night’s sleep. I managed to get a doctor’s appointment for my finger. It’s one of the extended hours ones. I can get referred to an x ray then so I will at least know if it had gone the same way as my toe because the x ray picked up something on my toe. I do have my appointment at the hospital in three months, but I would rather know before that. I’m considering ringing up the hospital because they’re given me an appointment for 10 am… anyone who knows me will know that me getting there by that hour is playing with fire. I have a distance to go and even local I’ve managed to miss things if they are in the am. I can’t guarantee my sleep pattern will work out that far in advance. It would be better in the afternoon if they can change it. Anyway, I’m about to fall asleep so going to log off now.

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