I haven’t slept yet.

I was falling asleep but then I woke up again. I don’t think getting up to let the cats out and back in helped. They’re now sound asleep and I’m still awake. I got up to take a painkiller because the pain was keeping me awake anyway despite dropping off I got woken up by it. I feel better for resting for a few hours even if I haven’t slept yet. The painkiller has also worked a bit. Hopefully I get to sleep soon. It probably doesn’t help that I only ate 800 ish calories today. It can potentially stop the ability to sleep. I don’t do that little number of calories on a daily basis. I zig zag it up and down. It’s a lot easier than sticking to a set amount a day. Then it doesn’t matter if you have a higher proportion of calories a few days a week. The way it averages out still equates to weight loss. I’m pear shaped so I have an issue with the amount of weight I have stored around my hips and thighs. I just feel huge when I look down. They will look a lot better when I have shed a few more stone… about 20 more lbs loss will get rid of the excess fat pockets around there. I will also have less of a thick waist. Unfortunately, I will probably lose a percentage of my top half too which sucks but even when I was smaller, I always had boobs that were enough, they weren’t too big or small. I don’t want to talk about that on here. I just need to sleep. I’ve nearly been awake the entire night again. I was sleeping ok for a while but now it’s snapped back into its previous pattern. Even when I fix the issue it doesn’t stay fixed. I have always found that I wake up at night, but I think that is part of being autistic. It seems to be a common thing amongst those diagnosed with autism.

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