Just not happy today.

I woke up feeling really awful. This is what happens when you stay up the entire night. At least monthly isn’t being like it was yesterday. I haven’t had to take medication today. I have kept it controlled so I shouldn’t have anemia again. I think it’s just lack of proper sleep. I would not have lots of excess energy if I had that. I’m normally tired. I’m only tired today because I literally didn’t sleep until gone 7 am. I have to be awake because my new trainers are being delivered. I’ve got to be out later so I can’t go back to sleep. I wish I had not listened to music most of the night and decided to sleep earlier. I can’t not go where I have to go. It’s kind of optional but I will never get out of it. Mum just expects me to go over there on a Sunday for dinner because it’s always been that way. I technically don’t have a choice.

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