Everything has been a disaster since I got up today.

Today has just been one of those that has gone wrong at every turn. I got up, monthly leaked while I had been asleep. I had to take my medication to stop the clots (not had to do this for a few months). I went to Asda to specifically put my old iPhone in the kiosk. That was working but now they’ve decided that they are going to pay me a fraction of the first valuation. Then the website wouldn’t send me the link to reset the password so I couldn’t sell it. That wasn’t the worse part though. It is a good thing that I took my tablets because the toilets there were flooded and there was water all over the floor so I couldn’t use it. I got that water on my trainers. I can’t throw these away because I had to throw my others away yesterday after they touched dog shit, and they were getting old and thin so I thought I would just replace them anyway. So now I have to walk further into Hinckley to get to a toilet. I’m hoping that I can make it. Seriously if my ibs kicks off (everything is sensitive when I’m on that time). I kind of had a water journey and didn’t even really want to walk today. I’ve lost another lb so it’s helping with weight loss but by the time I get back my knee is going to be so sore.

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