Maybe I am slightly insane.

I have just got back from a long walk at 10 pm. I have to be insane to do that at this time of the year. It really isn’t that cold out there though. I briefly returned home earlier to do a few bits. I had to put coconut oil on my cat’s ear as an antiseptic because he seems to think he can fight the neighbourhood toms. He is large and anything that gets in his territory he will batter. He is a sweet cat but very possessive of what is his. The other cat must have bitten him on the ear or something because he had dried up scabs on his head, under his ear and on the side of his face. Either that or it scratched him. They go for the eyes in the fights so I’m lucky it was just his face, head and ear. The thing is he isn’t a hard cat. He is far too well looked after and the other one he fought with spends much of his time outdoors fending for himself nowadays, plus the other one is built quite slender (unlike mister who is rather solid) so it can move quicker than him. He has scabs under his ear a lot because when he jumps his sister, she grabs him under there with her teeth. She is also quite a lot quicker than him because she’s on the smaller dainty side. He’s only just come off antibiotics for his bladder issues. He seems to walk into one thing after another. He is the sweetest cat but can be really dumb. Well, I suppose he takes after his owner. I have been far too chatty and open this week for my own protection. I’m going to go silent again because people might start getting annoyed at me.