I can never be more than this…

I get the impression that others think I’m going to morph into more than just a blogger. That is guaranteed NEVER to happen. I am uncomfortable making money using my past. I literally only had just over two hours sleep. I never have enough of a consistent sleep pattern to actually make a proper life for myself. I can’t make plans much with a sleep pattern like mine. It’s part of the autism so it doesn’t ever go away. It is really annoying. I’m like naturally nocturnal. I woke up with a headache because of how little sleep I had. It’s not only my head that hurts though. It’s also my bad finger / knee that aches more when I’ve not had a lot of sleep. I stayed up last night to have a few drinks (alcohol) which wasn’t the best idea but I had a busy day yesterday and that was my chill out time. I feel sick so in hindsight it wasn’t a great idea.

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