Migraine and insomnia is bad at the moment.

I was awake the entire night. I have a migraine and it’s making me feel really ill. I had insomnia for the last two nights. Emotionally I felt so lost earlier but that is just monthly hormones. I still haven’t come on properly yet so it’s bound to affect me. I weighed myself yesterday and I had lost some weight again. 71.8 kg (158 lbs / 11 stone 3). I know I’m doing well to keep going down on scale but I’m still classed as overweight on that bmi thing. It’s frustrating because I’m still over that limit despite the fact I have lost nearly 4 stone in a year. I know that 56 lbs is a lot and I should be happy. The whole skinny thing is back in fashion and I’m nowhere near that yet. I’m not even at normal weight measures so underweight is out of reach for the foreseeable future.

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