I’m fed up. The system is just really getting on my nerves.

I still have a migraine. Then I get emails that don’t make that any better. I’m now stressed out because I don’t like threatening letters via post from the DWP. I have luckily got into my student finance portal. I have a tiny envelope to put a load of statements of course loans in. They are never going to fit. I will have to ring the woman dealing with it again because if I don’t get things to them in two weeks then they are going to suspend my benefits. I know these letters are standardised and are designed to make people listen, but I don’t like being threatened when I was fully honest about what they wanted to know when I was actually informed. I made a point of mentioning what I was studying when I was at university. I have letters behind my name because of my law certificate. I would be less upset about it if I hadn’t dropped out because I found it too hard. I got something out of it at the very least in regard to the certificate.

Then I had a response from my complaint about the 117-section aftercare clause. They have agreed to a meeting to discuss whether I still have the unmet needs that was apparent when I got sectioned in 2006 (as an 18-year-old). I will be invited to that meeting. I wouldn’t have even got this part if I hadn’t put the complaint in because they were keeping me waiting for weeks / months already. I don’t want to be left on it. I have been stuck on it for 15 years. I am eligible for services, but I don’t get any. I will always have my autism. That isn’t ‘unmet needs’ it’s a disability.

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