I need a break.

I couldn’t walk like I had been the last could of days continuously. I am only human. If I keep going my knee is going to not let me walk at all. It started to hurt. I get dry sore patches of skin under my arm pits when I have done too much. It’s really weird. I suppose as it’s part of me I can’t really expect it not to be weird. I have to put cream on it and not have a bath for a few days. Then it just peels off and goes back to normal. Literally the dry dead skin patches just peel off in bits and the skin underneath is normal. I think it’s a stress thing. The walking of over 25,000 steps a day for lots of days in a row alongside things I’ve got going on has probably got too much. I’m not going to keep losing weight if my stress hormones build up. I’m not feeling well so I probably have pushed too hard. I finally got rid of my actual migraine but still got the after effects.

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