I had no choice to become like this and I wouldn’t recommend it.

I regularly get comments saying that I am so strong and determined in character. I know that is a good thing but how I was made to become this way was a series of unfortunate circumstances. I come from a family that are quite cold in regard to emotional attachment. I was also pushed away by multiple people in my life and left to survive on my own. I had to cope within my own pain. The system I got put in was extremely cruel. There were reasons why my parents couldn’t do the emotional attachment thing which goes back generations on how they were brought up. I know that I seem that strong character now, but it was hell getting here. You have to understand the above before you stop begging the world for love because that isn’t attractive. No one falls in love with needy people. I had to literally fake the tough persona at first but now I am actually that type. Also, I don’t have friends, a partner etc to comfort me when I’m upset. I just had to get on with it.

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