I have done the dreaded phone call. This is what was the issue.

I have done the phone interview with the DWP compliance department. The information that triggered this compliance investigation was student finance passing information to them regarding the fact that I had claimed that while studying at the open university. I now have to find those documents to send to this assessor to prove I had only claimed course fees not the maintenance loan. I literally mentioned to the last assessor that was doing my assessment for ESA that I was going to open uni study but they never told me I had to declare student finance loans. I’m really tired because I barely slept last night so stringing a sentence together is difficult right now. Anyway, apparently, it’s sorted now and I just need to send the documents to prove I’ve not claimed anything I’m not entitled to do. I won’t have benefits stopped but it’s still really made me feel bad because I am honest and don’t make mistakes intentionally in relation to these things. This is why I don’t change circumstances etc because the admin I have to give over to the government due to claiming benefits is a huge hassle.

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