I don’t do politics but I feel that I need to say this…

I’m not into politics, I think it’s a system created to just cause more division, but as a disabled person it affects my life. Those that are in power at the moment aren’t representing the people from average backgrounds. The prime minister and others within government should NOT be those with vast amounts of money and private health care etc. Those types don’t have to rely on any of the NHS services that are just in complete ruin at the moment. This is an issue within our society. Those in charge simply have no idea what it’s like for people who have to use certain services. I have said this for a very long time in relation to mental health services etc but it can apply widely to other things. Those in power aren’t going to be the ones losing their families or dying themselves because of the long NHS waiting lists and ambulances queuing up at hospitals unable to unload patients because there are not enough resources to get them treated. These types can pay to get the services provided by social care that those waiting in hospital beds aren’t able to do. Everyone is either striking or threatening to strike. The average people want a general election but the rich collective, known as the Tories are denying the wish of the people. I don’t support any specific party. I stay neutral unless it’s tactical voting related (been an activist type for far too long). Our government isn’t listening to what people want in this country. That is showing how completely arrogant and out of touch they actually are in regard to the people they are supposed to serve. They need to listen to the peoples wishes for a general election because irreversible damage is going to be done if the Tories stay in until 2024.

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