Late night thoughts…

In my defense, I feel quite tired and yuck because I feel like I’m getting a cold. I nearly forgot to do the 137 step up challenge today but I remembered it at midnight so technically didn’t miss a day. It has felt like a very long week. I haven’t washed my hair yet (hairdresser did it last week when she trimmed it and thinned it out) because I am finding it hard to do things when my finger swells up. It isn’t too bad. The thickness of it means it generally doesn’t get greasy that easily. It feels a little matted though. I am trying to keep the knots from building up. I bought some deranging conditioner while I was out today which will stop the ends from tangling now that it’s getting longer / thicker. It has a tendency to get matted after it’s been in the rain and damp outside. This time of the year it ends up a frizzy mess a lot. I am determined to have the patience to not cut it all off because I want it really long again. I’m still managing to lose weight. I’m now 72.8 kg. That is good considering I’m just about to come on my monthly which consists of filling with excess water a week before. I have worked extra hard recently. I think that I have lost body fat because I feel slimmer. I am still eating protein bars etc so I’m probably building muscle. That helps lose body fat. I can probably occasionally eat excess calories because apparently if you’ve got built muscle your maintenance calories increase so your calorie deficit also changes which means you can eat slightly more than the calculator says online. I’m mostly going by the online calorie deficit calculator but I’m not thinking … oh shit, I’m going to put a load of weight on again if I have a day where I go over 2000 calories. I did that last week and somehow managed to lose another lb. And… one final note, please don’t judge us all by Elon musk. We may have the same diagnosis but he is being rather brutal in relations to the decisions he has made after buying twitter. He simply cannot expect his employees to work like he did while trying to get rich. Most people aren’t ‘robotic’.

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