Probably caused by alcohol and painkillers for my finger… however, this dream was weird.

I had a drink last night to help but he tedious task of deleting all the spam emails. I was nowhere near drunk or even felt that I had alcohol. I had to take a painkiller for my finger as it had swollen up while I was typing, and my knee is a little on and off at the moment. But that is beside the point. I don’t think it had much of an impact on the dream that I had. It was weird. There were lots of details in it that I somewhat forgot when I woke up. The main part was really weird though. A few others and I were told to go up into the mountains because a volcano was about to erupt. I wanted to go back for something but was told it was too dangerous. I looked down and saw lots of fields filling up with lava. The fact that I live in the Uk rather a place that has volcanoes makes it even more weird. They looked like English countryside. I think I woke up when I looked back and saw the fields full of lava.

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