Late night. Spam emails now gone. Complaint also sent.

I have just got into bed at half 2 in the morning. I cleared all my spam emails… finally… it took a few weeks due to how many had built up. I then put the complaint to social care department of the council regarding the section 117 discharge issue. I did it via the form on their website. I probably won’t hear anything for at least 28 days (they have a certain time to reply and it normally takes near the end of the deadline to gather findings of any complaint). I decided to think about what I was going to put in it the entire day because I wanted to make it straight to the point so that nothing can be misread. I emailed the MP earlier today to explain the situation. I can’t do anything else at this point. I’m really tired and fed up with everything. I have a cat who is reluctant to take his medication so that is a battle every evening. I hit my bad finger on something and now it’s decided to kick off again. It feels like it’s getting better and then it goes back to being swollen and feeling stretchy again. I probably should at least try to get the GP to send me for an x ray because if it’s like my toe swelling it will show something. It’s not getting better because it keeps improving and then going the other way again. It feels more stable, but that stretchy feeling still comes on a lot. It probably doesn’t help being tired so I probably should get some sleep.

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