Random day…

I didn’t do a lot today. I couldn’t really go for a walk because the rain just refused to actually stop for more than like half an hour to an hour but when it was coming down it was extremely hard. That kind of water really hurts when it comes down. The rain I got caught out in a few weeks ago was heavy enough. The stuff that came down today was much heavier. I’m down to walk in most weather including the rain but there comes a point when I’m not even insane enough to walk in certain weather. I did a bit of housework but needed a rest after the several phone calls I had to make regarding the section 117 aftercare situation. I hate doing the phone but needed to use it in this instance. The things I find difficult make me extremely tired. I went out to get a few things from the supermarket. While I’m on that subject, please can these places ensure that they do not put Pepsi max / Diet Pepsi small bottles too high up in the fridges… short people, like myself, can’t reach them. I’m only 5 ft 2. Those fridges top shelves must be at least nearly 6 ft up. It is also humiliating to have to ask someone taller walking past or find a member of staff to get it for me. Then I had to detour back through the local town where I live to get the drinks from the coop where I know they are at a reachable level. While I was on my way to the coop I saw a load of police cars and they had cordoned off the bit next to the lord nelson pub which leads to the car park behind there. I don’t know what went on but I propped my iPhone up into the window groove in my car and left it to record on the way passed there. I know a person on social media who is part of the local press so I’ve tagged him and he is going to cover it as part of his local crime news thing. Before anyone goes on about using your phone while driving. I set up my camera before starting my engine and it was automatically recording without needing to be touched. I pulled over and stopped my car, turning my engine off, half way down the road on the way back to my home to switch off the recording. Then I edited the bit I needed when I got home. None of that is illegal. As long as your engine is switched off you are not driving and using a phone. There was no way I was going to not film that because it was like at the right time, right place moment.

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