Been sent around in circles… This is what happened…

I decided that today was going to be the day that I chased up that section 117 aftercare discharge enquiry. I have now discovered that I’m being sent around in circles. I called the Leicestershire partnership trust who I was told was the one that the social worker and their manager was waiting to hear back from. They transferred me to the person in charge of the discharges. Then I was told that unless I had ever been an inpatient in the bradgate unit and another one over in Leicester that wasn’t the right avenue for my discharge. I was told to ring the orchard resource centre (community mental health team local base). That is the one that the social worker told me to write to initially. The medical secretary there remembers my letter and clarified that the local authority are the ones that have to discharge it because I have been discharged from mental health services locally since 2016. They won’t stop sending me in circles so now I have no other option than to put in a complaint. I’m also told that I should get the local MP involved because he is a qualified GP so he probably has experience of those issues even if it’s indirectly. I wouldn’t mind so much but my life is technically on hold until I’m off of this thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the local authority is being paid to keep me on it because it’s kind of a funding section. If that wasn’t the case the request to discharge wouldn’t be resisted so much.

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