Firmly in the fast lane this Samhain…

Apologies for the title of this entry. It was my attempt to rhyme Samhain with something that suggests I’m busy. I went out to get things done. I am somewhere out of the rain at the moment. Mister is still driving me crazy. He keeps peeing around my flat. He has actually got worse since the vet told me to change his food and give him the medication. That happened at first the last time though. I’m hoping it gets better soon. I slept on a damp bed (I tried to sleep on the other side where I hadn’t had to clean it). I am probably going to suffer for that because I woke up aching but I dried it with my hair dryer as much as possible. As far as Samhain goes… I did say that I was going on TikTok live but it won’t be until late because I’m not home yet. As an authentic witch I’m going to do some of that stuff later. I’m concerned about karma stuff that has happened in recent years. I’m concerned that things were accidentally cast in anger during my past. They need fixing otherwise karma is just going to work out of control more than it already has done. I didn’t mean to do anything but I was in a mess after going through certain things. I wasn’t aware of how naturally I was connected to these energies until things happened to show me. If I did accidentally hex A I won’t be taking that off. I would only be doing that if I got an apology for certain things she said in the past. I’m not petty … it was quite bad and she has to learn (at least not to cross a witch even if she never changes for the better). I hear that a group of witches are hexing putin to get rid of him. That is a good idea but may not work. Evil energy is rather stronger than good. I’m not saying it won’t happen. I will add my part to it (I naturally carry dark energy so it could help).

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