Beyond stressed!

I wasn’t able to park in my flat’s car park when I got home. I had to park on the grass outside. Again, if you do NOT live here please stop parking here! I’m already having a really awful day where I’ve eaten way over 2000 calories and the lb I’ve lost will be making itself back on me. I have to sleep on the sofa because my mattress is wet after I had to clean my electric blanket due to the cat being sick on it. Then when I got back, he peed on the window ledge which made it’s way onto the clothes on the radiator below. They now have to go back in to be washed. I have to give him his medication after my bath and I’ve got changed into pjs. I asked him if he wanted to be put down because I got that stressed with him. I just wanted a quiet night before another stressful week started.

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