Being ‘sensitive’ can be really difficult.

I was typing up my mothers legal letter warming my feet with her hot water bottle… it sprung a leak and boiling water went onto my feet. Luckily it didn’t properly burn me but it still hurt. I think that today is just one of those full of little things sent to test my patience. I saw something online earlier. I can’t go into it because it’s not part of my life directly. It was something really sad. I can’t stop thinking about how unfair this situation was. I can’t do anything about it. I hate being sensitive because of how deeply I feel about things. I believe in karma but sometimes hate how it pans out. I want others to be able to see certain things but to not suffer because I know how painful it was to go through certain things or how devastating the thing I read online would be to go through. Those that are older than me who are also intuitive tell me that everything happens for a reason etc but in some cases how can you truly say that? How can people stand there and accept that ‘it’s just meant to be’? Some things that are meant to be is extremely unfair. I let things affect me more so because I cannot do injustice. I have never been able to keep my mouth shut in that department. It seems that everyone who has ever been involved in my past within the situations where I got treated badly are now getting stuff happen to them and their families. I’ve noticed it a few times now. I don’t want things to happen to others but if it truly is their karma or whatever then I guess it’s meant to be. I don’t like what happened to me but I also don’t want others to suffer. If you truly are a good authentic person then you don’t wish bad on others that have wronged you.

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